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Bus No. CW3S Terminal TUTA CIQ 2nd Link

Taman Tan Sri Yaakob


*CIQ 2nd Link

Singapore(Tuas Link,Jurong East,Boon Lay)

From To **Fares
Terminal TUTA Jurong East/Boon Lay RM6.20
Sutera Mall Jurong East/Boon Lay RM6.00
Bukit indah Jurong East/Boon Lay RM5.00
*Transit to CW3,CW4,CW6 to get to Singapore
**Full fare can be obtained from Lugo app (

CW3S Schedule
Terminal TUTA <--> Singapore (Trip available on Monday to Friday only, except S'pore Public Holiday)
From TUTA to CIQ 2nd LINK From CIQ 2nd LINK to TUTA
TUTA CIQ 2nd Link CIQ 2nd Link TUTA
 5:30AM  6:20AM 6:30AM 7:20AM
6:00AM 6:50AM 7:00AM 7:50AM
6:30AM 7:20AM 7:30AM 8:20AM
7:00AM 7:50AM 8:00AM 8:50AM
7:30AM 8:20AM 8:30AM 9:20AM
8:00AM 8:50AM 9:00AM 9:50AM
8:30AM 9:20AM 9:30AM 10:20AM
9:00AM 9:50AM 10:00AM 10:50AM
9:30AM 10:20AM 10:30AM 11:20AM
10:00AM 10:50AM 11:30AM 12:20PM
10:30AM 11:20AM 12:30PM 1:20PM
11:00AM 11:50AM 1:30PM 2:20PM
11:30AM 12:20PM 2:30PM 3:20PM
12:30PM 1:20PM 3:30PM 4:20PM
1:30PM 2:20PM 4:30PM 5:20PM
2:30PM 3:20PM 5:00PM 5:50PM
3:30PM 4:20PM 5:30PM 6:20PM
4:30PM 5:20PM 6:00PM 6:50PM
6:00PM 6:50PM 7:00PM 7:50PM
7:00PM 7:50PM 8:00PM 8:50PM
8:00PM 8:50PM 9:00PM 9:50PM
9:00PM 9:50PM 10:00PM 10:50PM
Revised 2/5/2013